The Pros and Cons of Mobile Learning

Access to smartphones has been progressively increasing globally over the years. Many people who own mobile devices admit that they are an integral part of their day to day lives and that they are always checking on the internet through their mobile devices. Mobile learning/m-learning is used to deliver learning materials on a mobile device.

Pros of m-learning

  • Diversifies learning: people enjoy learning when new aspects are incorporated in it. Instead of having a face to face meeting, the use of learning can be used to spice things up to increase the interest of learners. You can also explore other opportunities in the online space to grow your mind as you go about learning.
  • Easier to carry: People, including young learners, do not enjoy carrying heaps of books in the name of learning. A mobile device is compact and portable, making it more convenient.
  • Learner controls pace: If you are a slow learner, you probably know how awkward it can be if you have to tell a teacher in a physical classroom to slow down. It reaches a point teachers start getting impatient. With mobile learning, you can pause and reflect.


  • Security issues: if you are not careful, you could encounter sites which have suffered from data breaches or even those that spam people.
  • Easy distraction: Unless you put your mobile device on airplane mode, you might get distracted as people call you. There is also the risk of finding yourself on social media platforms that can take up a lot of your time.
  • Eye strain: the screen size of most mobile devices are small. If you spend a lot of time staring at the small print, you will begin to feel eye strain and you can even develop headaches.

It helps to have a comprehensive schedule on what you want to study when doing mobile learning. You should also take regular breaks to avoid fatigue and eye strain.

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