Golden Rules to Design Your Mobile Learning Content

Properly designing your mobile learning content is crucial to ensure effective learning experiences for users on various devices. Here are five rules to help you achieve this.

Clear Navigation

Learners need intuitive navigation that is easy to use on touchscreens. Minimising the number of clicks required to access content and providing clear instructions on navigating through the material helps in this sense.

Optimise Your Content

Optimising multimedia elements and other forms of content for mobile devices enhances engagement. Compress images, videos, and texts (without compromising quality) to reduce load times and conserve bandwidth. This is where the Voxel tool comes in handy. Designed specifically for SEO professionals, this content planning platform allows you to research keywords based on various methods, including site searches, URL searches, and long tail searches. You can then use the results to design your content and optimise it accordingly.

Keep It Bite-Sized

Mobile learners often have shorter attention spans and limited time. Break down your content into smaller, digestible chunks to facilitate learning on the go. Micro-learning modules or short videos are ideal for mobile consumption.

Offline Access

Consider enabling offline access to content, allowing users to download materials for later use when they may not have an internet connection. This is especially important for learners in areas with limited connectivity.

Regular Updates

Your content should be fresh and up-to-date always. Regularly review and update materials to reflect changes in the subject matter and improve learning outcomes.

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