Teaching Kids About Plants Through Mobile-Based App

Thanks to mobile and wireless technologies, learning beyond the classroom setup has become a reality. Kids, including preschoolers, now understand the importance of environmental conservation through mobile devices. With the ongoing social distancing protocols, supplementary teaching is vital to curb time constraints and the hurdle of finding a healthy learning environment.

The Use of Mobile Apps in Elementary Science

In elementary school, plant studies are compulsory in the science curriculum. However, most students lack a practical familiarity with different plants and trees. The traditional approach of print-based text does not suffice teaching varieties of plants with similar characteristics. To help pupils recognize plants better, they need interactive software with clear pictures and details. For instance, in a botany class, a teacher may let students use mobile applications enriched with data on various types of houseplants.

The Planta app offers plant identifier, maintenance schedule, light meter, and diagnosis (plant doctor). If you’re a parent looking to teach your child plant care, log into Getplanta.com to download the software. Use it along with your kids so they can learn to nurture flowers and small plants at a tender age. Assess their knowledge by assigning simple tasks like watering. The good thing with Planta is that it comes with reminders for when to water the plants, so there’s little chance of forgetting the duty.

Moreover, mobile tech facilitates the use of multimedia to access a variety of learning resources. If your child is unsure about a particular flower, let them take a picture and upload it to the Planta app to identify the species. Like in brain games, children understand things better when they immerse themselves within a context. The flexibility of this concept makes it easier for pupils to gain knowledge on demand.

Many tutors have realized the significance of using mobile technology. If you’re considering the same, Planta would be a flexible solution to encourage students to continue learning plants after regular classes. They’ll be able to identify plant pests and diseases at home. However, parents should support teachers in these endeavors by allowing kids to use the Planta app.

The portability and ease of use of electronic devices play an important role in elementary science. If you like this idea, talk to school administrators to see if they can integrate virtual learning of houseplants into the teaching policies. It may require strategic planning and strict guidelines regarding digital citizenship and online safety. This means informing parents and teachers to be responsible for protecting children while using the internet.

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