Making the Most of Your Downtime with Mobile Learning

If you’re someone who commutes, or spends 30 mins a day waiting outside school for the kids or has a significant amount of ‘dead time’ for any other reason, then the chances are, that you could be using it much more effectively. If you could turn each of those 30-minute segments into the time you spent on a mobile learning app, then you would spend an amazing 120 hours studying every single year. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a language, discover the history of your country or teach yourself an essential skill which will help to advance your career, there are all sorts of options in the palm of your hand. All that you need to do is download the right apps to your phone and get started.

Learning a Language

Whether you’ve got your eye on a trip to Paris and want to make absolutely sure that you will be able to order lunch when you get there, or you just perhaps want to be able to speak a little bit of Spanish to your neighbour, mobile learning is perfect for getting your head around a new language. The trick is to build the education into your routine and make sure that you spend a bit of time on it every single day. If you’re the type of person who tends to forget these things or struggles to build new habits, then consider using a reminders app to get you into the habit.

Meditation and Yoga

Improving your knowledge isn’t the only way that you can improve your life using mobile learning. You can also learn meditation, yoga and other skills using these apps and websites. Getting to know your body can be an incredibly valuable way to spend your time, and it can make the time that you do spend working much more productive. It’s also an excellent opportunity to look for any changes in your body which you might need to tell a doctor about, or may require further checkups. If you decide you need to speak to a doctor about an issue, you discover then click here to review your options.

Mobile learning is a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to improve our lives and our skills, using the time which would otherwise be wasted. The trick is to decide what you want to learn and make a plan as to how you’re going to do that before you start. Make sure that your idea is realistic, and that you will be able to complete the sessions that you have committed to. There is nothing more demotivating than stopping after a few weeks because you’re just not ready to dedicate the time you thought you would be able to.

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