Learning Swedish at your own pace

Learning a language other than your mother tongue is really exciting and particularly important for an expat. People with linguistic skills of other languages actually open up new horizons for themselves. Texts in various languages which are not translated carry with them the flavour of the region. Swedish is one language which is predominantly spoken in two countries Sweden and Finland. A language like Swedish is much different from English and hence it is a bit difficult to learn, maybe because it is of North Germanic origin! Here is an article that speaks about some interesting facts about North Germanic languages. Some may pick it up very quickly while with others it might take some time but do not worry Swedish can be learnt as you want it, at your own pace.

Ways to Learn Swedish

Cathedral_of_Learning_Swedish_Classroom_(16828167612)There are many ways to learn Swedish. You can choose from a traditional classroom program, online courses on your computer or on amazing applications available on a smart device. Let us take a closer look at advantages and disadvantages of the three ways to learn the language. First the classroom program with a tutor. In this case there is personal touch, the tutor can listen and respond to any difficulties experienced while in the learning environment. One thing though, you do have to take care is to choose a good certified institute. The obvious disadvantage is that the institute will have its own time table and you have to fit in with that but the advantages are you are learning with others and can get input on reading and writing alongside the spoken word. Online course are the second option, where you can choose the time, place and level of work you want to do. But the human touch is missing and you need to have a computer with internet connection. You can learn Swedish also on applications on your Android smart devices or iPhone/iPad with the help of apps. My preferred way as it offers lots of flexibility and choice.

Top Applications to learn Swedish

Learning any language through an application is a really cool way. There are many options available on Google store if you have an Android based device or on Apple store if you have an iPhone or iPad. Babble is the most used and known among applications and online learners. Here are three others which are really good and available both on Android devices and iPhone/iPad.(1) rosetta-course – This application has a large collection of languages and the Swedish course is really good. They even have advanced software if you want to pursue advanced learning. The course is very interactive with sound and exercises. (2) Duolingo – This is an amazing free application to learn Swedish or any other language you want to learn. The features are updated as per the feedback from learners. It is amazingly fast and makes learning fun by using illustrations. A recommended application for all Smart devices. (3) Wordpic – This application starts with visual aid pictures. The algorithm is written to make you memorise and learn together. The presence of picture in tutorials makes it a must have on you device if you are a new learner. In fact the method to learn language for free should start from Wordpic, then Duolingo and for who want to really master the language the last stage is rosetta-course application and then the software. For me this is the easiest way to learn quickly, but you can choose from any of the methods that suit your requirements. Learning is what matters.

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