Studying Nursing in English in Sweden

Nursing is a promisng career all around the world and Sweden is no exception. There are a lot of benefits to studying nursing in Sweden. If you’ve wanted to study abroad, or if you live in Sweden already you are in the perfect place to study nursing. The nursing programs in Sweden gives you a community that works on equality and that welcomes diversity. The skills you learn studying in Sweden will prepare you for a global nursing job by incorporating optimum learning techniques, helping you learn how to think in a creative way. Besides being a beautiful place to live, Sweden has some of the top nursing programs in the world.

What’s it Like to Study in Sweden?

1024px-Västra_sjukhemmet_1952Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative nations. With their dedication as an environmentally friendly country and many breakthroughs from their residents, it’s no wonder it’s a destination for students. Sweden is responsible for the Spotify app on your phone right now and for the pacemaker which has saved hundreds of lives. As mentioned earlier Sweden is big on equality. When you go to Sweden you will find that everyone is treated the same whether they are LGBT or come from a different part of the world. If you need to speak to a Swedish doctor online you can go to KRY and find someone to talk to about the medical profession. This is one of the bonuses of living and studying in Sweden, they have technology that allows you to reach a doctor immediately, whether for advice, prescriptions or referrals. You will find students are well thought of within the country and supported as much as possible. Sweden offers a environment and opportunity to train in the nursing profession that is supportive and facilitating.

Best Places to Study Nursing in Sweden

Some of the best places to study nursing in Sweden are the USAC Sweden Linnaeus University and the CIEE Arts and Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. When studying in Sweden you might find you can get student grants to help you with your expenses. Many of the foundations and organizations in Sweden offer scholarships and grants to help students pay for travel to the University of their choice. You can find information about the grants offered for nursing on each individual universities website. The universities offer online courses for several types of nursing including postgraduate and undergraduate. Some of the programs include Care of Dying, Diabetes Nursing, Intensive Care, and hands on nursing for home and hospitals. There are many more positives to studying in Sweden, for example, you can work in Sweden no matter where you are from and also there are no limits on hours. You can use public transport to get anywhere, so you don’t necessarily have to have a car. Everyone speaks English in this country, so there’s no steep learning curve there and you don’t have to worry about a communication problem. Sweden’s standard of living is very high and it’s one of the safest places to reside. If you are looking to study here or you live in Sweden already, then be assured studying for your nursing degree here is an excellent choice.

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