Learn as You Go with Mobile Learning


In the last 10 years we’ve witnessed incredible technological developments in all aspects of our lives. Today we are able to process, control, and create vast amounts of information with a few clicks and swipes. This era of information revolution has the potential to bring about a new renaissance in human learning.

Going Mobile

The underlining force in the dispersion of information technology has been mobile technology. Driven by Moore’s Law, the computational power of not only computers, but also mobile devices, will grow exponentially in the near future. In the graph below you can study the dynamics of Moore’s Law in depth.

Going Viral

This remarkable development will surely create new dynamic markets for businesses and entrepreneurs. One of the most exciting market opportunities can be found in the mobile learning industry. Admittedly, education in the U.S is at a crucial cross-point.

A smart 21st Century free-market driven reform is needed in order to ensure that young people today can acquire the skill-sets needed to compete in tomorrow’s labor markets. Brookings Institute – a D.C based think tank- suggests that mobile learning has the potential to do that.

However, at the same time any kind of top-down reform requires businesses to recognize the commercial opportunities.

A young and beautiful woman, sitting by an outdoor table at a bar, study a book on her digital e-book reader, and write down notes on her agenda.

Going Commercial

One of the companies that has done so is Aquro, an iOS, and Android development suite designed for building mobile applications. Mobile application design was once a closed industry due to its demanding skill-set requirements.

However, with today’s widely available internet learning tools, application design can be mastered even without an expensive Stanford degree!

In other words, by investing some of your time to online learning, you can master, for example, Aquro’s application building platforms in no time!

Harness M-Learning

Mobile learning has come to stay. Businesses who take action to harness the first mover advantages will be the driving forces behind the new 21st Century education reform. There will be a day when elementary school students will consider, for example, coding as a regular part of the curriculum.

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