School Intranets for Mobile Learning

Schools are already digital nowadays. But this is the case even more following the Covid- 19 pandemic, whose peak resulted in limited face-to-face classes. The good news is that the pandemic left a permanent impact, with many educational institutions now preferring to continue with online learning. Even more so for online learning. The need for limited face-to-face classes has made it necessary for learning institutions to remodel themselves. Adding fuel to this is the fact that many learning resources are accessible on mobile devices, including Android, Windows, and iOS phones.

A mobile intranet solution for your school can provide a reliable and secure platform to help your students meet their learning needs. With an intranet like, this is very possible, and you will allow your students to get the best education. Check the following five benefits of a school intranet for mobile learning.

Personalised Learning

Students possess different learning abilities. In fact, no two students have exactly the same abilities – there is what is known as learners’ individual differences. These differences must be considered when imparting knowledge to students. According to most teachers this is the key to success. Modern mobile intranet software allows instructors to set deadlines and submit coursework, allowing students to be responsible for their own mobile learning.

Centralised Learning Resources

Whether you are designing a brochure or updating your school’s handbook, an intranet solution is still one of the best ways to store and share your documents. With the software selected users can seamlessly view and edit. Of course, it is evident that administration staff and teachers have lots of tasks to deal with daily, including lesson preparation and actual teaching. Effective management of these tasks via an intranet can only translate to better results.

Excellent User Experience

Spending too much time navigating the intranet tools can be frustrating. That’s something you don’t want your students to go through. An easy-to-use and smooth intranet platform delivers the best user experience, no matter what devices students are using. It allows them to easily navigate and effortlessly find relevant learning documents and other resources.

Easy to Find Specialist Teachers

An intranet makes it easy to keep and organise digital staff records. All teachers and administrative staff will have their profiles on the intranet. This makes it possible for teachers to familiarise themselves with their colleagues.

Event Sharing

Education institutions have many events every year. Rather than sharing news regarding any upcoming events via newsletters, you would be better off posting those events on your school’s intranet platform. This will save you time. Modern education intranet solutions such as should allow students as well as teachers to view all upcoming events in their calendars.


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