Tips on Introducing Children to Mobile Learning

There was a time when people thought that mobile phones were just for making and receiving calls. Now, there are numerous possibilities on what one can do with their internet-enabled mobile devices. One of the things that the use of mobile devices has introduced is mobile learning. Technology-based learning is now replacing the traditional form of education, and children are among those who can benefit from mobile learning. Some of the tips on introducing children to mobile learning are as follows.

Block Access to Adult and Social Sites

If your child is going to spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, it makes more sense for you to ensure that the sites they can access are not the ones that will ruin their morals and introduce them to illegal activities and online insecurity. Have some parental control and keep checking if the sites they are using for mobile learning are suitable for their age group.

Get Actively Involved

Children grasp better through participatory learning. It is not enough to give them mobile devices and hope that they will be interested. You should also join them. You can get a cheaper refurbished imac or a refurbished mobile device that will allow you to join the children in mobile learning.

Download Apps

One of the ways of getting content for mobile learning is by downloading relevant apps. Many apps can be found online, and when you are looking for one for your children, you should think about the subject they want to learn, their ages, advancement when it comes to class or grade, and other details. Make sure you check reviews of every app that you want to download and even do a practical test to see if it is suitable for the child.

Assess the Children

The best way to know if the child who is using mobile learning has mastered some knowledge is by assessing them. You can do this by prompting them with questions or by seeing if they are putting what they have learnt into action. It is, however, advisable that you do not obsess about how they are performing so that it makes it seem as though learning is a chore.

Schedule For Breaks

Use of mobile devices can be addictive, especially for children. That is why experts in issues concerning children always advise that when introducing them to mobile learning, you should make sure that you have factored in time for breaks. This is when you tell them to put their devices down and start interacting with people in real life. Schedule for family activities and a time for them to stop and go outside to catch some fresh air. Remember that everything should be done in moderation.

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